Chairman Message


Chairman Message

Dear Customers and Partners, It has been a wonderful journey establishing TELCO as one of the leading Electro-Mechanical Contracting firms in Abu. Since 1975, Telco has grown and developed its industry expertise, on-site execution, communication skills, customer trust, and supplier relationships, which when combined, supported our road to success. Our passion to provide reliable and dependable solutions to our customers has made TELCO a trusted name in our industry. However, we do not allow our success to deter us from seeking avenues for self improvement. As a team, we reflect on each project in order to greater develop our core competencies which allows us to adapt to the challenges of this ever-changing market and its demands. When working with TELCO, be assured that you will be working with an organization that takes great pride in performing its duties. TELCO’s priority is to ensure their client’s happiness and exceed their expectations.
Thank you for looking through our profile and we look forward to working with you.

Kind Regards,

Fayad Hamzeh

(General Manager)

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